I Live With a Low Level Of Hunger & It’s Okay, Really!

PFC brought in Bonnie Matthews. She’s a woman who lost 130 pounds on her own. It took her about 2 years. The Dr. Oz show brought her on & she writes a blog as well as helping others in their weight loss efforts. She worked out and hung out with us talking to each of…

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Here’s our schedule today – Warning You’ll be Tired!

Today we had Bonnie Matthews “Wellness Warrior” From Dr. OZ joined us all day long today – eating & workouts. What an awesome inspiration! 6 am we all drag ourselves out of bed and eat some kind of a snack. Today it was a protein shake. 6:30-7:30 Boot Camp – This is Wayne’s torture specialty.…

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Now I've done 2 things I've Never Tried!

The second day was an equally tough day. We begin every morning with a boot camp. This is where we all get our biggest calorie burn. I think it must be a good time for exercise and we’ve all had a good night’s sleep, which is very important! The first night I only slept 4…

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I Survived the First Day!

Good Morning. It’s bright and early and I’m not a morning person. Yesterday began at 5:00 am – nobody in their right mind should willing get up that early. One of my fellow members took quick power naps all day long and I need to figure out how to do that. First off….I love the…

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Our First Celebrity "Expert" On May 12th!

I just found out that Bonnie Matthews, the “Wellness Warrior” on the Dr. Oz Show will be coming to talk to us next week. How cool is that?? I’ll take a lot of notes and let you know what I really think. Just seeing the changes she’s made, I’m very excited! ~Kristin

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Welcome to my First Post!

This was me at my biggest (not pregnant). My 8 year old daughter announced to a friend I was talking to the other day “my mom is going to a fat farm!” While it got a big laugh, it got me thinking. What will I call this extended leave of absence from my family? Another…

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Time to Make a Change

Not Your Typical Fat Camp Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a week, a month or more away from the stresses and distractions of daily life and live in an environment where you train full-time with renowned fitness professionals and have all your meals prepared by a world-class chef? How…

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Chef Jason in the News

A presidential plan for beating high cholesterol By Kathy Stephenson, The Salt Lake Tribune, Updated: 03/10/2010 11:07:29 AM MST View Article Your health » Start now: Here’s a simple list of health reminders about what to eat and what to avoid. Jason Kieffer, the executive chef at the new Park City IHC… (Steve Griffin/The Salt…

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