Breathe & Relish My Food

This was one of our really yummy dinners! I have realized I don’t breathe well or right in order to work as hard as I need to here. I keep getting reminded by every single trainer & instructor “Breathe, take a deep breath, let out your breath completely”. It makes a HUGE difference in everything…

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In My Next Life I Am Going to Be our Zumba Instructor

You know how you look at different body shapes and you really wish you could look like that girl? Well, Lindsay is THAT girl! I really truly feel ‘special needs’ in her class, but I can not explain to you how much I wish I could shake it like she does and be as lean…

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I Hate This Ball!

You have to know I really am making a point when I am fully aware of what an awful photo this is! BTW I hate having my photo taken! I am all about symbolism – well kind of – I’m not freaky or anything but I think most things happen for a reason and sometimes…

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Wicked Hikes & a Word About Body Sizes

I love this photo. Look at how pretty it is where we are hiking! But in some parts it is a B@#%* to climb up to. Yesterday we hiked up to Bell Canyon Reservoir. It is truly like stair climbing the whole way. Also, Wayne decided that Jackie & Tommi needed to wear 20 lb…

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27 lbs Lost in One Week

This morning we rose before dawn to climb on that dreaded scale again. I’m first in line and so I have to get up the earliest. Here’s my stats: 3 lbs lost 1 lb muscle gained 2% body fat lost (32% to 30%) I’m shooting for 25% BMI is now 23 (I’m considered healthy now…

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Best Day This Week By Far!

The Fit Troop: Clara, Amber, Lisa, Tommi, Jackie, Cherie, Wayne & Me This morning started a little bit later & WooHoo…it was much warmer! I do not like being in the pool when it’s cold even if shivering supposedly increases your metabolism. We got in the pool and did aerobics again. Then we went on…

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I Hit The Wall Today!

I promised photos today and I’m breaking that promise…sorry! Because I hit the wall & I need sleep to recover. Night Night ~Kristin

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