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Inside Ryan's Bag

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Ever wonder what our heavy lifting, crazy song-singing, push you to your max trainer carries in his bag? From a bird’s eye view, you’d think he was a trainer by day, teenage mutant ninja turtle by night. Comforting to know that at all times Ryan could highjack a car, tow a truck, do some serious damage with those nunchucks and give ya one heckofa workout.

Here’s the breakdown of his bag-o-tricks!

1. Grenade Grippers – holding up to 200 lbs., Ryan uses these grenade grips to elevate his workouts… reverse curls, open-face pulls, the list goes on!

2. Fat Grips – Another grip for various curl exercises. Sliding over pretty much any bar—barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and cable attachment, These grips are great because they target your body’s week links, increasing muscle activation and giving you more strength and mass.

3. Band – Used for resistance training, this easily portable piece is so effective because it improves strength and balance, while targeting muscles that you can miss with weights.

4. Meadows Row – This barbell attachment is used for rowing, back or core work.

5. Chains – On your next visit to Home Depot, pick up some chains while you’re at it! Ryan uses chains as a tool to increase range of motion. Use it as attachment on machines for triceps or a seated row.

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