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How To Actually Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

Written By admin • 2 min read

“My life is so busy!  I have no time for myself, let alone workout!”

“My work is my priority.  I am the provider for the family.”

“I am too tired to workout!”

“I am too embarrassed to join a gym.”

“I don’t even know where to get started with exercising.”

“My body is in too much pain to exercise.”

“I don’t trust myself to keep up a workout regimen, so why even try?”

“I will start NEXT week…”

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you?  Have you had any of these thoughts yourself?  These are some very common things we hear from our clients about what’s keeping them from being active prior to coming the PFC Fitness Camp.  Indeed, we ALL live very busy lives, especially in our modern society.  Life responsibilities and challenges dictate most of what we do…and don’t do.  Usually what we DON’T do is make the time to simply MOVE!

Note, I did not say find the time.  I said make the time! Now, this doesn’t mean you have make time to exercise for hours on end every day for the rest of your life.  That would be unrealistic, and a little crazy. Start small.  If you have been sedentary, introduce activity into your days a little bit at a time. Now to save you the time you might spend thinking about what workouts you could do, here are four easy exercises you can incorporate into your busy, daily routine.

1. The A.M. Scramble – Est. Time: 4 minutes
In the morning while getting ready for your day, try 4 minutes (yes, only 4 minutes!) of light calisthenics.

Try This
1 minute: Jumping Jacks
1 minute: March (or jog) in Place
1 minute: High Knee Kicks (or knee lifts for a modified version)
1 minute: Push Ups (or push up off a wall or couch for a modified version).

As much or as little as you can is all it takes! The key here is just DOING it.

2.  Corporate Cardio – Est. Time: 5-10 minutes
At work, set your cell phone timer to go off every hour (or at a time interval that is realistic for your job), and when that timer rings, stand up!  Take a walk around the building, or up and down the stairs a few times. Twist your torso, stretch your arms and activate your muscles and your brain.

3. Super Squats – Est. Time: 5- 10 minutes
Make most of your time in the kitchen… Chop a few veggies and do few squats!  Try 3 sets of 25. If you feel like you can handle more, get back down for second round or as we call it, dessert!

 4. Night Cap – Est. Time: 10 minutes
Give your body time to digest your healthy dinner before you start the bedtime routine. Take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood. It doesn’t have to be a long or fast walk, just something nice to end your day.  Enjoy this time to reflect on your day, clear your head and commit to “move” throughout your day tomorrow!

Do you get the direction I am taking this? The key is you can exercise just about anywhere. It doesn’t take hours to fit in little bursts of workouts here and there and one thing I can promise you… you will never regret taking the extra 10, 15, 20, however short or long your exercise may be, to raise your heart rate and do your body good

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