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7 Tips to Move More & Eat Less This Thanksgiving

Written By admin • 2 min read

Here we are!  It is Thanksgiving once again!  The holiday of giving thanks…thanks to your loved ones, thanks for all you have, AND thanks to your body for keeping you going over all the years.  What better way can you thank your body on this holiday than to give it more “move” time and less couch time!

I understand that most people equate Thanksgiving to sitting on the couch watching football and movies and eating as much as possible for hours on out… in other words, feasting until you are in a food coma unable to move.  Well, I also know a lot of our PFC clients are trying to not go that route and they are realizing that a holiday for giving thanks is simply just that.  They are doing their best to “get through” the holidays without spiraling into an eating frenzy and  derailed from their bigger health and wellness goals.  Kudos to you all!
So back to the big day. Here are some tips for you to approach this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner:

1.  You probably have the day off of work for Thanksgiving so you can make time to work out.  NO EXCUSES!

2.  Start off the day right!  Participate in a local race/walk/turkey trot.  Get your family and friends to do it together!  Don’t worry if you have never done a race.  You do not have to “race”.  Many people walk.  Some races even allow baby strollers on the course.

3.  If there isn’t a local turkey trot going on that day, then go on a hike/walk jog.  Most gyms are open in the morning hours so go to the gym and do a spin class or group exercise class that interests you.

4.  After you workout and you are in Thanksgiving celebration mode, make sure you are getting off the couch every once in a while.  Take a walk around the block during half-time.  Even standing watching TV will burn more calories than lying on the couch.

5.  Keep perspective when the food comes to the table.  I honestly don’t know who decided you have to cook for 50 people when only 10 are there but that seems to be the fad.  Take your time eating.  Put your fork down in between bites.  Spend more time talking than eating at the table.

6.  Have one serving for your meal, not multiple.  Once you are done, clear your plate away.  By doing this, you will be less likely to get second or third helpings.

7.  Play some games after you eat.  Toss a football around, play twister, play tag, play ping pong, have a dance party!  Celebrate motion and health and playfulness!

These tips might seem obvious to you but more than not we seem to forget the most obvious when the holiday season is among us.  I wish you all a very Happy and HEALTHY Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your family and friends and this special holiday.

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