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5 Health Benefits of Quinoa

Written By Jessica Janc • 1 min read

Prized as a sacred seed in the ancient Inca civilization, quinoa is still a nutritional treasure. This protein-packed food, with its nutty taste and chewy texture, is flavorful as well as filling. Once its bitter coating has been soaked or steamed off, the seeds are easily prepared and can be served in recipes where rice, wheat, corn or other grains are used. The benefits of quinoa are as plentiful as its culinary uses. Here are a few of the roles quinoa can play in a healthy nutrition plan:

1)  Protein Power House! Quinoa is higher in protein than any other grain. 1 cup of Quinoa has 9 grams of protein.

2)  Quinoa is rich in fiber which has been known to aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol levels and helps control blood sugar levels.  Research has also shown that people with a high-fiber diet have a 40 percent lower risk of heart disease.

3)  Quinoa is low on the glycemic index scale

4)  Quinoa acts as an internal cleanser and detoxifier. It can help move foods through the digestive tract more efficiently and combat constipation or IBS symptoms.

5)  Quinoa is high in iron, which helps to deliver oxygen to the blood, boosting energy and brain power. Quinoa’s vitamin B content can help keep the mind sharp, maintain brain volume and stabilize the mood.

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