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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Written By admin • 0 min read

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! In celebration of the sweet occasion, PFC nutritionist, Jessica Janc whipped up a batch of her favorite, better-for-you chocolate chip cookies! INGREDIENTS 1 ½ cups flour (whole wheat can also be used) ¾... Read More

PFC Fit Tip: Prep Your Food

Written By Joni Hargrave • 0 min read

FitTip coming from a past PFC-er Natalie Chaney today on how to make eating healthy SO much easier! 1. Prep your food (Natalie’s plan consists of 4 meals and 2 protein shakes) 2. Package your food (Any tupperware will... Read More

3 Simple Steps To Start a Healthier Nutrition Plan

Written By admin • 2 min read

Our philosophy at PFC Fitness Camp is all about balanced eating for a healthy lifestyle. Gone are the days of giving up the foods you love or resorting to a quick-fix diet that will ultimately result in failure. Understand... Read More

Greens Before Guinness: Kick Off St. Patrick's Day with This Healthy Shamrock Smoothie

Written By admin • 0 min read

According to irishcentral.com an estimated 13,000,000 pints of Guinness are consumed internationally on St. Patrick’s Day and Irish or not, stout lovers around the globe hit the bars early in celebration of the green occasion. Now, would our PFC Nutritionist,... Read More

Fun & Exciting Nutrition Changes at PFC

Written By admin • 4 min read

Like you, we at PFC we strive to do things better and as a result the nutrition component is always evolving as we seek to make continuous improvement based on science and your feedback! Over the years we have... Read More

Supercharge your Breakfast: 6 Gluten, Sugar and Dairy-Free Options

Written By admin • 3 min read

If your current go-to breakfast is a bagel and coffee, you can do better! I used to love coffee and a muffin, but figured out that the refined flour in a muffin acts just like sugar in your body.... Read More

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