Renee Havlusch

Renee Havlusch

Renee has been a fitness enthusiast all her life, first as a competitive athlete in school, which eventually led her career as a certified fitness trainer for 20 years. Renee holds certifications in Personal Training, Cycling, Bosu Training, Gravity GTS training and Peak Pilates. She is a very energized and spirited instructor who believes the key to fitness is to have fun with what you do. PFC campers leave Renee’s workouts with nothing but a lot of sweat and smiles!

All About Pilates with Renee!

Hello my friends, let’s talk Pilates!! I’m a little biased but EVERYBODY and every BODY needs Pilates. Why, you ask? Well because it’s “AH-MAZING” for your core!! Pilates has the power to impact your core unlike any other workout when done correctly. But let’s not stop there, it’s not just your core muscles that benefit…

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3 Pilates Moves for Weight Loss

I am a firm believer that everyone should include Pilates in their fitness regime (especially my 3 pilates moves for weight loss below)! The question is, how do we encourage a skeptical person to not only add Pilates to their already busy schedule, but see how Pilates strengthens everything they do in their life, in and…

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