Kandice Chavez

Kandice Chavez

After spending some of her formative years playing competitive sports in beautiful San Diego, Kandice moved to Hawaii where she fell in love with surfing. Although living in paradise was desirable, her ambition and yearning for education led her back to San Diego where she received a B.S. in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise Science, from California State University San Marcos, in 2011. Despite her active lifestyle, heading off to passively life weights in a gym was not entirely agreeable, however, during her senior year at CSUSM she was introduced to kettlebell training from Master trainer Max Shank. She never understood how much fun she could have while achieving such astonishing results, and because of her innate desire to help those around her—she found her passion. Since then she has become certified in Hardstyle Kettlebells (HKC), Precision Nutrition (PN), First Aid, CPR, and AED, and is dedicated to helping you feel better everyday.

Weight Loss Hack: Increase Fat Burn with Kettlebells

Weight loss isn’t easy. If it were, billions of dollars wouldn’t be spent on effort-free weight loss pills or fad diets… and FYI, diets always fail, so don’t waste your time or money on depriving yourself! I digress. When it comes to weight loss, patience, dedication and kindness to yourself is necessary. Weight loss is…

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How To Crush a Workout Like a PFC Trainer: Kandice's Workout Tricks

Sometimes, even the most fit and healthy people have trouble getting through their workouts. Take PFC Trainer, Kandice! She’s strong, tough and she definitely leads by example when it comes to her health and fitness. However, like many of us, she sometimes struggles with keeping herself motivated to workout. Straight from the expert herself, Kandice…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Turkey Trot This Year

Participants running in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Race

It’s that time of year again! With Thanksgiving comes stuffing, mashed potatoes and some of your favorite holiday treats. Studies have shown that the average American will consume approximately 3,000 calories at their Thanksgiving dinner. Wow! Don’t get discouraged just yet because we may have a solution for you: The Turkey Trot! It’s an annual…

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5 No-Fail Tips to Stay Healthy on Holiday Road Trips

Headed to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving? It’s only 5 hours driving distance away, right?! Not to mention, the only restaurants from here to timbukto are Pizza Hut, Taco Bell or the anti Whole Foods snack shack, 7-eleven. So, are you going to just give up on all your hard work you’ve put towards eating healthy…

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Full body workout pose inside hotel room

You have been working so hard and are on top of your exercise routine. Don’t let that business trip or vacation set you back! Whether its business, holiday, or pleasure, you will, at some point or another, escape your humble abode and fitness activities. Worried about what amenities will be available to you while traveling?…

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