5 Healthy Reads for 2015


Which health and wellness books have you been diving into lately? There are so many inspirational authors and stories out there that sometimes you just can’t choose one! At PFC, we’ve been drawn to  several books recently and we want to give you a little more background on our favorites. Whether you’re looking to understand…


5-Steps to Creating a Healthy Home

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When we think of health, the obvious thought is typically a healthy mind, healthy eating, and a healthy dose of exercise… but what about the effects of keeping a healthy home? Could a healthy home lead to weight loss? Or even better, optimal health? Recent studies show there is a direct correlation between clutter and…


155 lbs. Lighter – Olivia Oldach’s Weight Loss Success Story

An amazing success story to share today! One of our sweetest campers, Olivia Oldach went from barely able to finish the mile to now working towards her NASM Personal Training certification! Olivia came to PFC Fitness Camp with a clear goal in mind. On her own she was able to start her weight loss journey, then…


Love Protein #9 Super Smoothie


In celebration of this holiday of love, we whipped up our own version of love potion, coining it Love Protein #9! This 9-ingredient super smoothie is chock-full-o-love to rev up the metabolism and the romance all day long. Ingredients: ½ Cup Plain Greek Yogurt greek yogurt also adds healthy protein and a great source of calcium to…


5 Tips To Avoid Overindulging at Company Holiday Parties


Whether you celebrate Eid Ad-Adha, the Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza or none of these, if you are currently employed, one thing for sure you will be celebrating this year is your office holiday party. That glorious evening of white elephants, clunking mugs of hot toddies, the hacking and rasping of Karaoke Christmas tunes and…