Week 5 | Sam Poueu’s Weight Loss Journey With PFC Fitness Camp

Sam Week 5

Click HERE to watch as Sam recaps his fifth week at PFC! Love was truly in the air during this past week. Sam’s girlfriend, Hannah, decided to join him at camp and this duo really stepped up their game! What’s more motivating than working out with your significant other? Watch as Sam recaps the week…


Week 4 | Sam Poueu’s Weight Loss Journey with PFC Fitness Camp

Week 4 Sam's Weight Loss Journey at PFC

Click HERE to watch as Sam recaps his fourth week at PFC! He’s talking about everything from the results of his live blood analysis to, what he’s now calling, his new favorite workout! Another week passes by as Sam gets closer and closer to reaching his fitness goals and we are SO proud of him….


A Day in the Life at PFC Fitness Camp

A Day in the Life at PFC

Click HERE to watch A Day in the Life at PFC! Want to see what a day at PFC looks like? PFC has a special way of uniting various cultures, personalities, ages, fitness levels and goals into one very connected family that’s hard to explain in words alone. Watch our video to get just a taste…


3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Turkey Trot This Year

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

It’s that time of year again! With Thanksgiving comes stuffing, mashed potatoes and some of your favorite holiday treats. Studies have shown that the average American will consume approximately 3,000 calories at their Thanksgiving dinner. Wow! Don’t get discouraged just yet because we may have a solution for you: The Turkey Trot! It’s an annual…


How To Crush A Workout On The Days You’d Rather Do Anything BUT Workout

Stone Steps

Please tell me I’m not the only one that wakes up absolutely dreading the idea of working out some days—the sports bra, the shoes, the actual idea of the physical exertion—it all just sounds so exhausting. Even being surrounded by some of the top nutritionists, trainers and health coaches at PFC Fitness Camp, I somehow…