Love Protein #9 Super Smoothie


In celebration of this holiday of love, we whipped up our own version of love potion, coining it Love Protein #9! This 9-ingredient super smoothie is chock-full-o-love to rev up the metabolism and the romance all day long. INGREDIENTS ½ C. Plain Greek Yogurt greek yogurt also adds healthy protein and a great source of calcium to…


Power Couple Lose Over 60 Lbs. Together at PFC!


Click HERE to watch Sam and Hannah’s Testimonial! Name: Sam Poueu and Hannah Greenberg Hometown: Newport Beach, CA Lbs. Lost: Sam lost 50 Lbs.; Hannah lost 10 Lbs.  Sam and Hannah have been such an inspiring pair and we are so proud of their continued success. After 11 weeks at camp, Sam dropped a whopping 50…


Ryan’s One-of-a-Kind Playlist

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As PFC’s official goofball, Fitness Trainer, Ryan, has decided to change up this month’s Spotify playlist! Instead of the usual list of workout jams, Ryan is sharing some of his favorite songs that always get him ready to move and groove–whether he’s pumping iron in the gym or rocking out in his car! Check out…


How To Crush a Workout Like a PFC Trainer: Kandice’s Workout Tricks


Sometimes, even the most fit and healthy people have trouble getting through their workouts. Take PFC Trainer, Kandice! She’s strong, tough and she definitely leads by example when it comes to her health and fitness. However, like many of us, she sometimes struggles with keeping herself motivated to workout. Straight from the expert herself, Kandice…


Fit to Fat to Fit | PFC Alums Take the Big Screen

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PFC alums make their big screen debut on the craziest new reality weight loss show to hit A&E, Fit to Fat to Fit! Tune in January 19th at 10pm to watch as trainer JJ Peterson gains 60 lbs. before losing it all alongside his client, Ray Stewart, who dropped a whopping 147 lbs.! JJ Peterson has…